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Meet our Potjie Pot duo!

The ultimate South African one-pot wonder!

Get potjie ready with the My Butchers Block Potjie Stand and Cutting Board and the Potjie Care Oil to ensure your potjie is ready for the next outdoor adventure.

The best memories are made gathered around a fire, surrounded by your friends and family while cooking a flavoursome pot.

my butchers block potjie stand and cutting board pack shot

Potjie Stand and Cutting Board

Our Potjie Stand has been designed to place your potjie anywhere, without the fear of it damaging or burning your surfaces.

Whether you have a tripod potjie or a flat base potjie, whether your pot is large, medium or small, our stand has been designed to accommodate them all. It also doubles as a round cutting board when you flip the board around!

my butchers block potjie care oil pack shot

Potjie Care Oil

South African potjies have heart, history and a lot of soul. Before your first cook in your pot, you need to prepare it correctly.

If you care for your potjie well you should be able to have many years to practice and perfect your recipes, which is what makes this local classic such an amazing addition to any outdoor cooking and braai!

my butchers block beef bacon beer potjie styled

Beef, Bacon and Beer Potjie

Light the coals and gather with family and friends. It’s #potjie time

What you need:

•125ml cake flour
•1.5kg beef thick rib, cut into 3cm pieces
•vegetable oil, for frying
•250g diced bacon
•3ml cayenne pepper
•375ml beer
•375ml warm beef stock
•500g baby onions, peeled
•3 potatoes, peeled and cubed
•4 carrots, peeled and cut into 3cm pieces
•2 handfuls green beans, tailed
•410g tin chopped tomatoes
•15ml sugar
•2 garlic cloves, crushed
handful parsley, chopped
•Rice, to serve