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Must-Have Product from My Butchers Block - Attractive platter artisinal boards take food presentation to the next level. Perfect for restaurants and entertaining at home

Attractive platter boards take food presentation to the next level. Perfect for restaurants and entertaining at home. ...

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Brings social sharing plate eating to the everyday braai - Nou gaan ons PLANKIE BRAAI!

How to turn your next braai into a Plankie Braai:
  1. Start a fire. When the coals are ready, braai the first batch of food ( e.g. steak, boerie and mielies).
  2. When ready, slice up the steak and ...
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The classic butchers block is the Grand Daddy of the My Butchers Block range. Durable and versatile, it is the ideal kitchen and braai accessory whether you are an ambitious home cook or a professional chef.

It’s the best investment you can make in your kitchen

My Butcher Blocks are large, solid ...

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Smoke Meat, Fish or Veg The Easy Way on your Braai (No Experience Needed)

Smoking is definitely one of the latest cooking trends. Everything from meat to ice-cream is being smoked. And with good reason, it makes everything just even more delicious. To help you stay the braai master ...

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New Multi Block

My Butchers Block’s latest addition to their product range is a double sided, multi-functional block. It is the Swiss Army Knife of all Butchers Blocks and a must ...

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The My Butchers Block range is renowned for its aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic wooden kitchen supplies and utensils. Brand new to the range, is the round chopping block which is the perfect surface for dicing and slicing - and because our butchers blocks are so gorgeous, they are ideal for serving too!

The ...

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My Butchers Block Must Have Skewer Set

Let’s face it, skewering meat over glowing red coals is something we’ve been doing since the caveman invented fire. Now you can do it style, with My Butchers Block handsome skewer set.

Like all My Butchers Block’s products, the single prong skewer set is ...

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My Butchers Block was the proud sponsor of the local TV cooking show Koekedoor! We loved seeing our amazing Butchers Block range in action during the shows. This proves that My Butchers Blocks versatile product range are not just designed for the braai, but also for home cooking. ...


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