My Butchers Block Smoking Planks that come in Maple, Cedar, Oak and Cherry flavour

My Butchers Block Smoking Planks and Smoke Shavings

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Smoke Meat, Fish or Veg The Easy Way on your Braai (No Experience Needed)

Smoking is definitely one of the latest cooking trends. Everything from meat to ice-cream is being smoked. And with good reason, it makes everything just even more delicious. To help you stay the braai master you are, My Butchers Block has developed a range of easy to use Smoking Planks and Smoke Shavings for the braai.

How do the Smoking Planks Work?

Although there are many ways to smoke food, most techniques require expensive equipment. That’s where the My Butchers Block Smoking Planks come in, not only can you choose your smoking flavour, they are super easy to use.

  1. Choose your Flavour. Your choices are: Maple, Cedar, Oak or Cherry.
  2. Submerge your planks in water for a few hours or overnight before the braai.
  3. Place braai planks on an open flame for 1-2 minutes on the side you will be arranging and braaing your dish.
  4. Grill your meat, fish or vegetables to your taste.
  5. Finally, just before serving, place the ingredient you want to add that mouthwatering smoky flavour to, on the planks and cover with a kettle braai lid. Make sure that your coals are still quite warm. Place the planks adirectly onto your braai grid. Once the plank starts heating up, it will start to smoke, releasing all the flavoured goodness that infuses with the food. For best results, let your food get lost in the smoke for at least 15 minutes before taking it off the fire.

Looking for a Smoking Plank recipe to try out? Visit our website.

Or try our Smoke Shavings

Our Smoke Shavings are inexpensive and fun to use. Simply toss a bag of shavings directly onto your braai-ready coals and let the smoke do its magic. The My Butchers Block Smoke Shavings come in the same four flavours as our Smoking Planks: Cedar, Oak, Cherry and Maple.

Local all the way

All My Butchers Block products are proudly South African, which means that only locally sourced wood is used and that all of our products are made made my locals too. Your My Butchers Block Smoking Planks, although disposable, can be used more than once. Note: the intensity of the flavour will decrease with use. The Smoking Plank and Smoke Shavings are great gifts as it fits the bill of of being on trend and useful. It’s also perfect for those family braais.

My Butchers Block™ is proudly South African company that has helped revolutionalise the humble braai. We manufacture high end Butchers Blocks and related wooden kitchen and braai products. We believe: Wood is Good.

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