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7 things you should never do to your wooden cutting board

My Butchers Block takes pride in creating the best wooden cutting board that is guaranteed to last you a good number of years!

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My Butchers Block products are top quality and 100% locally manufactured. 

Let’s discuss the 7 things you should never do :

1. Never let your cutting board get extremely dry/near heat

Don’t leave your board near excessive heat (such as a stove). Excessive heat can dry out your board causing it to crack and break. And well wood is a firestarter… I don’t think I need to explain anymore. 

2. Never leave your cutting board to soak in water or wet

Water and humidity causes wood to expand and bulge therefore weakening it, causing the wood to warp. Never submerge a wooden cutting board into water or wash it in the dishwasher. (Don’t do it Susan!)

Also never leave your cutting board on a kitchen counter flat. After cleaning your cutting board always leave it upright to dry. 

3. Never use a razor-edged cleaver

A razor-edged cleaver will chip, or splinter the wooden cutting board. Therefore producing soft spots on your chopping block. 

One chef’s tip to another: “Meat cleavers do not need to have a razor sharp edge especially if you are going to do a lot of chopping. This is because a thin edge will end up folding, ruining your cutting.”

4. Never use only one side of your cutting board

A wooden chopping board can be used on both sides! Use it. This will eventually lead to even usage of the board. And well who does not like to have options! 

5. Never cut in the same spot

You can cut all over a wooden board! Use the full space, get creative cut your vegetables on the left corner- go on!

If you distribute your cutting over the entire board it will wear out evenly and contribute to character. 

6. Never cut holes, cut outs or tarnish the surface without refinishing the surface

This will leave the unfinished wood exposed. 

Use the My Butchers Block Woodcare range to maintain your wooden cutting boards. 

View the woodcare range here: My Butchers Block Woodcare

7. Never leave your chopping board dirty

Always wash your wooden cutting board with warm soapy water and leave it to air dry standing up right. We also offer a disinfectant spray for your convenience. Check it out here: My Butchers Block Disinfectant Spray

Contact us for more information.

How to care for your wooden products

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Compiled by: Daniela Toth

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