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A braaibroodjie so nice.


A braaibroodjie so nice, it won an award twice.

Heritage Day is one of the most anticipated days in South Africa. For some of us, it is better known as National Braai Day.

It is a day celebrated with family and friends around the fire. Is it even Heritage Day with no braai? Entertainment runs high on National Braai Day and My Butchers Block has you sorted this Braai Day when it comes to winning recipes, straight from the grill and kitchen of celebrated locals.

The winning Braaibroodjie recipe in this blog is straight from award-winner himself, Meat Ranger!

Loved by many South Africans, here are the ingredients to spice up your braaibroodjies this year:

4 x slices brown bread

4x slices white bread

2 x thinly sliced larger onions -caramelized with sugar and balsamic vinegar

5 x medium-sized Rosa tomatoes thinly sliced

2 x cup grated mozzarella cheese

2 x cup grated gouda cheese

2 x cup grated cheddar cheese

1 x pack light cheese sauce

4 x thinly sliced gherkins

1 x cup chopped mild peppadew

200g melted salted butter


Mrs. Balls Chutney

Method behind the winning recipe:

Catering for everyone’s preference, Meat Ranger makes 2 brown and 2 white braaibroodjies. Ebony and Ivory. He indicates that the key element in the recipe is all the ingredients in moderation, too many of one and you spoil the balance.

  1. Mix the cheeses together
  2. Spread some mayonnaise and chutney on the inside of each respective bread slices
  3. In the following order add: DON’T add tomato first, it tends to make the bread soggy – onions, gherkins, tomatoes, peppadew, grated cheese
  4. Add A LITTLE cheese sauce over the cheese for that amazing cheese pull.
  5. Close the braaibroodjie with the remaining slice of bread
  6. Place in folding braai grid
  7. With a basting brush, brush the outsides of the bread lightly with melted butter

TIP: Heat control is key. Use medium, with the braai grid raised 30 cm above the coals. Turn regularly.

Serve it up on quality My Butchers Block serving platters. For all to share and enjoy.