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Everything you need to know about Woodcare

Woodcare products are essential for the longevity of your wooden product.

There are a few Do’s & Don’ts you can do daily to keep your wooden product in good condition:

  1. Never submerging it into water
  2. Never wash it in a dishwasher.
  3. Leaving to upright and on its smallest side to dry after washing. Why? Well, moisture and heat can impact the shape and integrity of wood. When one part dries faster than another for example, the drier part shrinks faster and causes stress which ultimately could bend or cause cracks your beautiful board. 
  4. Do not treat your board with any other oils than the specially made My Butchers Block Woodcare Range as the fats in other organic oils can and will spoil, turning rancid and leaving your cutting board with a foul smell.

However, this will not prevent drying and cracking in the long run. It is important to take care of your wooden products from before its first use. Before your My Butchers Block product is packed for courier, we give it the first treatment with our food-grade woodcare oils. However, we highly recommend always washing it with our Disinfectant & Soap before use.

After its first use, we recommend maintaining it with these 5 Simple Steps.

Which Woodcare Products do you need?

Cleaning it with household soap will just not do. Wood is fragile and needs proper care with QUALITY Wood Cleaners and Oils! We highly recommend ALL 4 of our Wood Care Products to ensure your My Butchers Block product remains in the best possible condition.

Why? Well, they all have different yet equally important functions!

  1. Disinfectant Spray & Soap: The disinfectant Spray is a 2-in-1 disinfectant and soap. It is important to use this after every use, especially when cutting meats and cheeses as the bacteria can soak into the grain. Spraying a few squirts of the Disinfectant Spray and washing it with cold water will get rid of those unwanted bacteria.
  2. The Woodcare Oil: The Woodcare Oil’s main purpose is for prevention. It prevents the board from drying and cracking. These little crevices are where bacteria love to hide and multiply, so preventing your board from having small fractures is the key to keeping your cutting board sanitary.
  3. The Beeswax Conditioner: It says it all in the name, the Beeswax Conditioner is a conditioner for the wood. It acts as a barrier for any unwanted moisture.
  4. The Natural Wood Polish: The Wood Polish helps with overall longevity and enhances its resistance against water.

Fore more, please view our 5 Step Woodcare Guide.

Written by Daniela Toth