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Mother’s Day Brunch Board

This epic Mother’s Day brunch board is full of your favourite breakfast and brunch ideas all on one charcuterie board.

closeup photo of Mother's Day brunch board

When it comes to honouring mom, it’s time to get a little creative. As Mother’s Day approaches, putting together a brunch board is such a good idea.

There is nothing you could give your mom on this special day that would be more wonderful than creating this board for her. Now that you know you’re going to create this for her, let’s get started on actually putting this Mother’s Day Brunch Board together!

step 3 of Mother's Day brunch board
deviled egg added to brunch board

What is a Charcuterie Board? 

I know you’ve seen pictures of fun looking charcuterie boards on social media, but what are these boards exactly?  This is truly something fun and easy to put together.

A charcuterie board is something that can be big or small. It can be put on a variety of dishes, plates, or boards. Typically, you want to use something flat. 

Truly, what is on the brunch board is what makes it all that more exciting. While I’m putting together more of a brunch theme, traditional charcuterie boards have processed meat like summer sausage, salted meats, dried meats, and various cheeses. Of course, there are other items like crackers, fruits, veggies, and spreads. 

Stay tuned though, because I’m going to blow your mind with what is getting put together on this Mother’s Day Brunch Board. It’ll be a board put together with different items you never even imagined. However, the end result is going to be amazing! What are some of your favorite charcuterie board ideas?

mini cinnamon rolls, deviled eggs, breakfast sausage, waffles, sausage links, Canadian bacon, and berries on a wooden board
mini cinnamon rolls, deviled eggs, breakfast sausage, waffles, fruit, sausage links, Canadian bacon, and berries on a wooden board

Choose the Right Texture

No matter which kind of board you’re making, texture matters. You don’t want to overdo the texture part of your board, but you do want to add different foods to make up different textures. This gives the board a really cool look. 

Bright Colors Matter

As you put this charcuterie board together, keep one aspect in mind, COLOUR! When people see food, they see colour. You’ll want to make sure you’re choosing bright and fun colours for your board. Also, as you put the board together, make sure you’re moving around the different coloured food and not placing them all together. 

Mother's Day brunch board with grapefruit mimosas

Charcuterie Board Ideas

Choosing what you’ll put on your board is actually the most fun part of all this. Since this is a brunch board, I wanted to give you some fun ideas for putting yours together.

Pancakes or Waffles

For this Mother’s Day Brunch Board, you can choose to put pancakes or waffles on it. If you’re really in the mood to make it fancy, you could add crepes. Whatever your heart desires can be added to this brunch board. 

Don’t Forget the Fruit

Yes, the fruit is what makes the texture and color on this board so amazing. I have chosen to use strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, oranges, grapefruit, and grapes. However, you can use whatever fruit you have on hand. Switch things up to how you’d like them. 

Breakfast Meat

The unique part of this Mother’s Day Brunch Board is the meat that is added. You can add your preference of breakfast sausage, bacon, or whatever kind of breakfast meat you have on hand!

As you can see, I used bacon strips, and sausage links. You can get creative with your own ideas or use the same type of meat that I did. 

For this brunch board, you can go a little crazy with all the fruit, jam, waffles, and meat that you want. Brunch boards are a lot of fun because they are unique and so much flavour can be added to them.

This Mother’s Day Brunch Board is a lot of fun to put together. It’s also a gateway to help you create more charcuterie boards in the future.

closeup overhead photo of Mother's Day charcuterie brunch board

Article Written by: Jenny Bullistron

Article Source: The Thirsty Feast