Smoking Planks – Cherry 2pck

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Product Description

The My Butchers Block – Cherry Smoking Planks 2pck can be used as a versatile cooking method where food is placed on top of a fragrant plank of wood to cook over a heat source as a versatile cooking method where food is placed on top of a fragrant plank of wood to cook over a heat source. The plank or wood has a characteristic flavor and aroma that it infuses into the food as heat is applied. Plank board Braaing is popular with fish like salmon and others, but planks can be used with other meats, pizza, vegetables, fruits and cheese too. The result is juicy and moist flavour-filled and aroma-rich food.

Product Features

  • Sourced from Sustainable managed plantations
  • Perfect gift for weddings, corporate events, housewarmings, birthdays, or other special days
  • The smoking planks come with full instructions and a tasty recipe in the packaging.
  • Soak for 60 minutes, then place your fish, meat, poultry or vegetables on the plank and place on the preheated grill
  • Can be used once or twice, depending on the heat of your fire or grill
  • Fish: For delicate foods, like many fish, the gentler flavors of woods like cedar and alder are a good match.
  • Chicken or pork: Take a step up to heartier meats like chicken and pork, and medium woods like maple, apple, and pecan will leave more of an impression without being overpowering.
  • Beef or gamier meats: You can bump up the wood flavor even more to heavier-handed options such as oak and hickory.


This is one of the most popular woods for smoking. Burns hot and with a low flame. Cherry has a sweet, mild fruity flavour that goes excellent with almost anything 

GOOD FOR:  especially beef and pork. (It’s best to balance Cherry wood with Oak)   


1.) Spicy tomato and herb / Peri-peri chicken 

2.) Sticky BBQ pork loin ( dark BBQ sauce, sweet and sour, molasses, very rich intense style sauce ) 



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