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Smoking a pork butt in a weber to make pulled pork

The MeatRanger and My Butcher block will be smoking a pork butt with maple wood shavings to make delicious pulled pork


This is the 1/6 episodes from the backyard smoking series with Kevin the Meat Ranger!

Kevin will be sharing tips and explaining how to smoke a pork butt to make delicious pulled pork that is perfect for pulled pork buns, tacos, and nachos! 🌮

What you need for smoking a pork butt:

  1. My Butchers Block Smoke shavings – Maple
  2. Pork butt – Thanks to The Flying Pig
  3. Lump wood charcoal
  4. Kettle braai
  5. Apple Spritzer
  6. Meat thermometer. Kevin uses the MEATER

Share your photos/smoking stories with us!

If you have any questions about smoking, let us and Kevin know we will happily answer your questions!

If you would like to buy our wood shavings you can shop online.​

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Meat supplied by The Flying Pig

Written by Daniela Toth

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