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Stean Kruger’s Persian Gulf Meze

Stean Kruger's Persian Gulf Meze

Persian Gulf Meze

When it’s conversation, intimacy and an instant festive feeling I’m after, I always turn to a Persian Gulf Meze.

The food was vibrant, aromatic and ever so welcoming and inviting.

When most people think about the UAE, the first things that come to mind is perhaps the desert, the Burj Khalifa or even Ferrari world.

To me, experiencing, feeling its awe, seeing, smelling the desert was one of the most extraordinary moments in my life, not less because of its never ending dunes, vast openness and the mystery it keeps but also the culinary experience that evolved and was perfected here over decades of culinary feasts that once (and still) takes place, right here in this magnificent desert.

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“While in Abu Dhabi, I had the opportunity to travel into the heart of the desert for a night’s stay.

Guided by people who best know the desert, its secrets, and most importantly, its food.

As the sun was setting, aromas could be smelled like the most authentic Middle Eastern meze-feast.

It was unlike any other dinner party I have ever attended.” – Stean Kruger

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