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The difference between Woodcare Oil & Beeswax Conditioner?

After cleaning and disinfecting your Butchers Block/wooden cutting board with the Disinfectant Spray it is important to put some of the good moisture back into the wood to prevent it from cracking, fill some of the cracks from cutting, and adding a protective layer to prevent bacteria and moisture from entering. This is where the Wood Care Oil and Beeswax Conditioner comes into play.

With a little love and care your Butchers Block could last a lifetime!

Our Wood Care Range is carefully created with 100% natural ingredients to ensure that it is not only good for your wooden chopping board, but also for you & your family!

We highly recommend using the My Butchers Block Wood Care Range on all your wooden cutting boards and blocks to keep it sanitized and in its best condition!

Which product will give you the best results?

Both, really. For the best results, we recommend using both the Wood Care Oil and Beeswax Conditioner.

So, what’s the difference between the Wood Care Oil & Beeswax Conditioner?

Wood Care Oil vs Beeswax Conditioner

1. Wood Care Oil

After disinfecting your wooden cutting board and leaving it to dry, the Wood Care Oil should be applied to re-add all good moisture necessary for a healthy board, back into the wood. The Wood Care Mineral Oil is a thinner oil that penetrates deep into the grain of the wood to help protect, revitalize and moisturize the wood fibers. We recommend applying the Wood Care Oil after every wash!

2. Beeswax Conditioner

Once the oil has seeped into the wood, the Beeswax Conditioner is necessary to lock in that good moisture and keep any other moisture out! The Conditioner is thicker and therefore acts as a protective layer while also filling cracks. We recommend applying the Beeswax Conditioner once a week after the application of the Wood Care Oil.

So there you have it, both equally as important and necessary to protect and enhance the longevity of your Butchers Block.

See the Step-by Step instructions of the My Butchers Block Wood Care Guide.

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